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ElasticSearch commands summary

ES - ElasticSearch

GET Information (_cat)
Is alive

List aliases
GET /_cat/aliases?v

List indexes and status
GET /_cat/indices?v

Cluster health
GET /_cat/health?v
epoch      timestamp cluster                   status shards pri relo init unassign pending_tasks max_task_wait_time active_shards_percent
1470922354 16:32:34  59jx1xw08xlm2cv3e8jrxgdrz yellow          1         1     10  10    0    0       10             0                  -                 50.0%
Nodes health
GET /_cat/nodes?v&h=id,host,version,jdk,disk,heapPercent,ramCurrent,cpu,node.role,master,name)
id   host  version jdk         disk heapPercent ramCurrent cpu node.role master
WpaE local 2.2.0   1.8.0_51 136.7gb           9      8.7gb   5 d         *     
Count number of documents
"query": {
"match_all": {}

/_cat can get ?help parameter to get help, ?v for displaying headers and ?h to ask for special files (like GET /_cat/nodes?v&h=id,host,version,jdk,disk,heapPercent,ramCurrent,cpu,node.role,master,name)

GET MQM documents

Get defects
GET /_search?q=subtype:defect&size=10000
GET features
GET /_search?q=subtype:feature

  • Default size is 10


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